Goan Music and Dance

Goa Music and Dance

Music and dance in Goa In Goa its palpable that Goan’s are crazy about Music and Dance. Interestingly, this love for music and dance is passed on to the tourists who come to visit Goa. Goa covers a variable range of music from Techno to Portuguese to Rave and now is added on by Goa Trance.

Konkani Music It is believed to be that a Dutch priest, was the one who Introduced Goan’s to the western religious music. Apparently, Goan’s have formulated their music from the Portuguese and Goan folk music is a blend of western music and Hindu temple Music. The Konkani Music came into existence by the devotees of Lord Shiva . Today it has become very famous in Goa and has changed the way they sing these songs as well. Konkani Singers are the one who sing these songs and lyrics written with stunning boldness, criticism and satire often against bureaucracy and politicians.

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