Goa India Carnival

Goa Holidays Carnival

Goa Carnival Goa is a state different from the rest of the states in India, mingled in the traditional colours of festival and fun- Goa Carnival. This festival is celebrated from 5th March to the 8th March and is complete package for tourists all across the globe. This festival was brought into existence by the Portuguese who ruled over Goa for more than five hundred years.

Interestingly, Christians are the one who primarily celebrate this festival however you will see that this festival absorbs all mixed culture of Hindu traditional revelry, western dance forms, and rural people shaking on the beats of the drums praising their ancestors around the oil lamp making it more vibrant and energetic

Tourists in Goa wake up with the sound of cymbals and bagpipers to see the parade walking in the streets of Goa. The entire state is decorated with colourful ribbons and lights all around. This funkiest, jazzy and lively fest has become the incomparable attraction for most of the visitors.

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