Water Sports in Goa

Goa Holidays and Water Sports

Water Skiing Sports:
For those who want to go for adventure and want to feel that adrenaline rush, engulfed in the waves of oceans to feel the ocean waves splashing on their face, the water skiing is just the right way to feel it. Best time to go for skiing is from October to April.

Well, there is a difference between water skiing and surfing. Water skiing requires a boat and the skier is asked to grip on the rope from one end and the other end of the rope is tied to the boat and skier balances himself on ski and as the boat gains speed you balance yourself on the ski moving left and right according to the waves. While, Surfing is a sport of balancing yourself on the ski and speed is gained through waives in the oceans, and you need to balance yourself on the ski, this adventure is usually performed by those who have given ample time to learn Surfing so enjoy Skiing!

Jet Skiing:
One of the most adventurous sports in Goa is Jet Skiing. This sport is one of the famous adventurous sports in Goa. Jet Skiing requires a Jet powered scooter that are accelerated by a powerful engine. This scooter can reach a very high speed so for beginners it's advisable to enjoy it with an instructor. When you become trained you can enjoy this and take smooth rides according to waves in the ocean. Jet Skiing sports is provide on many beaches in Goa including Aguada Beach, Colva Beach, Candolim Beach, Calangute Beach, Miramar Beach and Benaulim Beach.

Sea- Fishing
Those who are born to love angling can try their hand at sea-fishing in beautiful, sun kissed beaches of Goa. Most of the anglers enjoy this trawling towards on to the bottom towards the Arabic Sea. Well, you deserve to boast about your catch and can also be cooked and served to you in the hotel.

This sport gives you wings to actually see Goa and enjoy the beauty from the sky. People who crave to see the beaches, coastline and the vast sea should try the parasailing. An ultimate experience at affordable rates to enchant and get mesmerized by the beauty of Goa from the sky, one can hardly resist to.

Parasailing in an adventure sports and needs a speed boat and parasail to glide in the sky. A rope is tied to the parasail harness at one end land the other end is securely attached to the rope on the other end. As the boat gains speed the person attached to the parasail is lifted up in the sky and reaches the height of around 300feet.

The best time to indulge in parasailing is just after the monsoon since the skies become clear and visibility for a person to view nature around increases. Parasailing in itself is an experience one can never forget and will try every time when come to Goa.

Scuba Diving
Goa with marine life gives vast facilities for the people who wish to go for Scuba Diving as the marine life in Goa makes you explore some of the rarest species across the globe. The dive sites are usually not that deep and the water temperature is around 27 deg C. Goa is famous for Scuba diving as this place has ideal for conducting training as well. We make you experience the thrill of underwater beauty and click some of your underwater photographs to cherish life long.

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